Pabl-o & Silvin-a 

They are a multicultural family of six, with Argentinian, Canadian & Italian background. Pablo and Silvina were originally born in Argentina. They were living in Canada when the Lord sent them to the nations. They are now in Spain and they love the people in this country.

They identify four key cornerstones in presenting Jesus organically: Teaching biblical values by modeling them, holistic healing based on prevention for wellbeing, developing community through therapeutic discipleship, and efficient stewardship of resources.

They are working on developing a network of prayer that will support and provide spiritual protection and bring fruit of life in their town, in this nation and in this world.

Petr & Celst 

Petr and Celst spent two four-year terms in North Africa. Petr worked in sports and Celst taught and loved her neighbours. Recently, they made the difficult decision to relocate to Spain, where they serve immigrants and refugees from North Africa. Their work includes helping immigrants with language learning, literacy, social assistance, and sports opportunities for underprivileged immigrant youth.

What Petr and Celst love about being international workers is being able to show love to people who have never been cared for, and to be able to tell people that they do it because they are followers of Jesus.

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