We don't have child care available during this time of Stage 2 re-opening.


We desire that your little one coming to our Nursery would feel the love and the joy of the Lord through those serving there. Each week our caring and compassionate volunteers will hold, play with and pray for your children. It is our hope that your child will begin to understand that they have a God who loves them deeply.

The Nursery is open for the full length of each service.

 Preschool & Kindergarten

Our preschool/kindergarten class is fun, energetic and, most importantly, a place where your children will learn about the living God through His Word to us. Each week your preschooler will participate in a story, craft and games that will teach them key spiritual realities that are applicable to their lives as preschoolers!

Children will be invited to go to their class during the offering.

 Grade 1 to Grade 6

Our elementary aged children will explore the truth in the Word of God through rich teaching, hands on activities and practical applications together along with their small group leaders. Children are encouraged to dig into the Word of God and apply the truths that they find there. They will learn about our God who is always intentional, always purposeful, always loving and always great.

Children are divided into small groups by grades, Gr.1-2, Gr.3-4 and Gr.5-6.

Grades 5&6

Stayed tuned for an exciting year!


We are a Plan to Protect church. It is our desire to minister to your children with the utmost of integrity. For more information on our Children's Ministry's please contact us @ [email protected]