What to wear?

Come as you are most comfortable and you will fit right in.

What to expect? 

You will be greeted at the door with a smile and an opportunity to grab a coffee if you'd like.

You will find our seaters by the sanctuary doors and they can help you find a seat.

Once you are seated there will be a welcome time followed by some singing and a message.

What about my kids?

We offer nursery and Fort Kids during the 11am service.

If you have kids form ages Preschool to Grade 6 make sure and register them downstairs before you get settled in the sanctuary and you can pick them up in the same spot at the end of the service.

Nursery is open for ages Newborn to 35 months. You will find the nursery downstairs and you can go down as soon as you arrive. Moms and dads are welcome to stay with their little ones or come upstairs for the service.

Will anything be expected of me?

Our goal is to have you, as our guest, feel as welcome as possible. 

We welcome you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable, whether that is to sit or stand, chat with others or hang back quietly.

What is the welcome card for?

Feel free to fill out the welcome card if you would like prayer or just to let us know you were here.

We would love to know you spent time with us.