No Fort Kids Until Further Notice

What to expect Sunday Mornings

When you arrive Sunday mornings:
-We ask that the whole family go downstairs after check in at the front of the building. 
*All children must be wearing masks at time of sign in as we are unable to social distance in the classroom at all times.
Once you are downstairs:
-You can sign in your Preschool to Grade 6 child/children at the sign in desk in the main room.
-Your child/children can then proceed to their class room from the check in desk.
-The guardian and/or parents will leave out the back staircase to the sanctuary for our Worship Service.
*If you have a Nursery Age Child that is 2 years or older you can proceed downstairs from the front and go through to the back and sign your child in at the nursery.
You can proceed upstairs at the back staircase to the sanctuary for our Worship Service.
When you are dismissed from our Worship Service:
-We ask that you proceed down stairs via the front staircase. 
-You can give the person at the sign in counter your child's pick up card
-You will be asked to wait on the designated markers as your child/children is/are dismissed from their classroom.
-Once your child/children has/have been dismissed you can proceed up the back staircase to exit.   
*Those who have a Nursery age child can proceed to the Nursery window with your pick up card, and exit up the back staircase.
**We ask that everyone respect and follow the Required 6 Feet Social Distancing protocols as per our governing authorities.
Thank you for your cooperation!