Here is some of what our ladies had to say about our 2018 retreat! 

“Exactly what I needed!”

“Such a restful and refreshing time.”

“Loved the keynote speaker and referring us to think about how we as Christians should think about “our” Parole Board review. Also about Judgment and Forgiveness.”

“God really used the speaker to speak into my life.”

“We got to share our life stories with each other.”

“Awesome speaker, awesome food, awesome venue - great overall”

“Perfect speaker funny and full of good + useful information”

“Totally awesome weekend - super speaker great fellowship - good food!”

“Appreciated the speaker and the building and growing relationships through the weekend. <3.”

“Exactly what I needed God bless you <3”

“A blessed time of refreshing, learning + friendship.”

“I enjoyed it thanks very much.”

“Made some new connections with ladies at church”

“It was amazing, really enjoyed sharing + getting blessed from other ladies. God bless Deb”

“What a blessing to be here! I loved the music, the keynote speaker, and the opportunity to chat with ladies I have not known before. — A fabulous weekend.”