Why is my sin a problem?

God is perfectly holy which means that He can't tolerate sin. He is also perfectly just which means that sin has to be paid for. The payment for our sin is death. Our sin keeps us from a relationship with God and this is a problem because God is the source of life. Not only are we sinful but we don't have any hope of being able to pay the bill for our sin. So there we were, removed from God with no way back to Him. There is one other piece to the puzzle though! God is also love. He loves His creation and He wants a relationship with them. He wants to give us His perfect gifts. Enter Jesus! 

 Why Jesus?

Because Jesus is God, He was able to live a perfect life, something we couldn't do. And He was willing to pay the penalty of death for our sins. Imagine that you aren't allowed in your house because you can't afford the rent but someone comes and pays it for you. You benefit from their gift, you get to be home again. Salvation is like that, except unimaginably better! Salvation is the work that Jesus did in His life and death to pay for your sins and make it so you can get back to God.

Why church?

The Bible shows us clearly that God means for His followers to live together in community. This is His design and it is a good one! In church we encourage each other, help each other and hold each other accountable to ensure that we are becoming who Jesus really wants us to be. In church we are known and loved!


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